Cone Beam CT Scanner

Cone beam computerized tomography (CT) creates a 3-D image of your jaw and oral structures, which allows Dr. Glenn to accurately diagnose bone degeneration, jaw misalignment, and other concerns. We can plan your surgery with exceptional precision and monitor your recovery with follow-up scans.

Guided Implants Surgery

Computer-guided surgery allows us to place dental implants with  precision and minimize both discomfort and recovery times. Dr. Glenn will use digital scans and special software to generate a surgical guide based on the exact measurements of your oral structures.

Digital Imaging

Digital impressions eliminate the need for messy pastes or modeling materials, which are used at most practices, and the results are available instantly. In addition to being more efficient and accurate, digital imaging is also beneficial for patients with a sensitive gag reflex.

Medical Modeling®

Medical Modeling® combines advanced imaging and software to create a translucent 3-D model of a patient’s oral structures. Made of biocompatible resin, these models allow Dr. Glenn to better evaluate the positions of your joints and the dimensions of your jawbone in order to achieve optimal results.