Guided implants Surgery

Dr. Andrew R. Glenn is committed to using the latest technology to achieve optimal results for his patients. Our advanced tools and techniques are particularly beneficial when working with dental implants patients, since they allow us to perform computer-guided implants placement. Using innovative software by Nobel Biocare™, we can plan and perform implants procedures with exceptional accuracy. These tools can even allow us to provide same-day implants in many cases. If you are curious to learn more about guided implants surgery at our Lincoln, NE, practice, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Glenn today.

What Is Guided Implants Surgery?

With guided implants surgery, Dr. Glenn will combine digital imaging with advanced computer software to completely customize your dental implants treatment. To begin planning your procedure, we will first take cone beam computerized tomography (CT) scans of your jaw. These scans will allow us to generate a 3-D image of your teeth and oral structures, which will first be used to evaluate your candidacy for implants. If Dr. Glenn determines that you have enough healthy jawbone density to support the embedded implant posts, we will next use a special computer program to generate a precise surgical template that shows us the ideal placement location for your implants.

The Benefits of Guided Implants Surgery

Dental implants are widely considered to be the best restorative treatment for patients with missing teeth. When compared to a traditional implants procedure, guided implants surgery offers patients a number of benefits, including:

  • Predictability: Our software allows Dr. Glenn to eliminate virtually all elements of uncertainty from the implant placement process, improving results and minimizing risks.
  • Faster healing: Thanks to detailed 3-D images of your jaw, Dr. Glenn can place your implants with less impact on surrounding tissues.
  • Immediate dental function: After traditional implants surgery, patients must wait several months to receive their restoration. However, with our computer-guided technology, Dr. Glenn can often provide same-day implants that can give you a beautiful new smile after just one appointment.
  • Patient education: Your dentist can also use the detailed images of your jaw to educate you about your oral health and upcoming procedure, helping you make more informed decisions about your care.

Dr. Glenn can review the full benefits of computer-guided implants surgery during a personal consultation.

Are You a Candidate for Guided Implants Surgery?

Dental implants are available to a wide range of patients with missing teeth. When evaluating your candidacy, one of the most important factors is the strength of your jawbone. Implants patients must have enough healthy jawbone density to support the embedded posts. If we find that you do not qualify for treatment because of insufficient jaw strength, Dr. Glenn can perform a range of different bone grafting procedures to improve your candidacy. During these procedures, Dr. Glenn will take healthy bone tissue and transfer it to your jaw to build up weakened areas.

Experience Our Advanced Surgical Care

When you visit our practice, you will enjoy state-of-the-art treatment and outstanding final results. To discover how you can benefit from guided implants surgery with Dr. Glenn, reach out to our practice today.